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The municipality of Bergen has many great locations for birdwatching, many of which are within easy access from Lone Camping. Gullfjellet, the tallest mountain in Bergen, is located a mere 8 kilometers from Lone Camping, allowing easy access for our guests to enjoy a mountain hike with amazing birdlife. Gullfjellet is 987 meters tall and is a very popular hiking-area for locals both summer and winter. At Gullfjellet you can experience many bird species and a fantastic view. Some species you might run into is Rock ptarmigan, Rough-legged hawk, and the Snow Bunting.

Other local birdwatching-locations include Kalandsvatnet, Byparken, and Flesland. If the coast is more tempting, Herdla and Øygarden is not too far away.

For more information go to birdingbed.no.